MRT Lab Special Holiday Promotion

Dear Friends,

The holiday season is here. It is the time of the year for gift giving.

We are happy to inform you that this holiday season, MRT Lab will be giving out an extra set of our most sought – after COM terminal adapter and serial parallel instruction heads (a set of 8) with each order.

The promotion period is 10 days, from Tuesday, December 16th to Thursday, December 25th. Hurry before you miss your chance on this LIMITED offer!

The MRT COM terminal adapter is the only adapter in the market that solves the common issues of not detecting the terminal, showing an error code, or data transfer instability that other similar products encounter when connected to Seagate F12 generation HDDs.

The MRT serial parallel instruction heads have been praised by our users as one of the best quality products they have experienced.

We look forward to serving you with our and believe our business relationship will last throughout the years.